The Final Environmental Impact Statement (Final EIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) for the Tier 1 Study was approved in April 2022, and formally identified Corridor 7 – the corridor containing the existing Bay Bridge - as the Selected Corridor Alternative. Similar to the process completed during the Tier 1 Study, a Tier 2 Draft EIS and Final EIS will be prepared as part of the Tier 2 Study.

The Tier 2 Study will refine the Purpose and Need for a project-level analysis and focus on the two-mile-wide Selected Corridor Alternative (Corridor 7). The Tier 2 Study will evaluate a No Build alternative and a range of build alternatives including various alignments, crossing types and modal and operational alternatives. During the Tier 2 Study, the MDTA will evaluate specific transportation alternatives within the Study Corridor, including conducting detailed engineering and environmental impact analyses. The Tier 2 Study also will identify mitigation measures for any unavoidable environmental impacts.

Tier 2 Study Process

*Schedule is preliminary and subject to change.

Public and Agency Coordination

Public and resource and regulatory agency coordination is an essential component of the Tier 2 Study as outlined in the Tier 2 Study’s Coordination Plan. Federal, State and local agencies provide valuable technical input and contribute to key decision points throughout the course of the Study. The Coordination Plan includes a detailed schedule with anticipated coordination timeframes for Study milestones, including public meetings and comment periods.